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Tuesday 30 October 2012


    Arrival is a series of encounters, the old man 93, the taxi driver, 455 the waitress, 313, and Two, each one takes Six into a deeper understanding of The Village.
   When the viewer first encounters the Prisoner waking up somewhere in the desert, its not so much a question of where he is, although for the Prisoner it must be disorientating for him to have woken up in such a place. But for the Prisoner there is no time to wonder, as he is instantly thrown in at the deep end in order to help another human being. In that he comes to the assistance of an old man who is being both pursued and shot at by armed men.
   During a meeting with Two, Two tells Six that there is no out, there is only in. But Six is yet to be convinced of this, and his one thought is to escape, this he is determined to do by crossing mile upon mile of desert. But if there is no physical escape from The Village, then Six needs to understand. And all the people he first encounters, all have clues to The Village. What was it the old man, 93, knew, and was it that knowledge which took him out into the desert and mountains that day? One thing is for sure, Six is a catalyst, who makes things happen in The Village.
[93 the former No.6]    93, who is really the former No.6, who died out there in the desert and the Prisoner, Six, took time out to bury, or to hide the old man's body, I'm not sure what the Prisoner's motives were. But the old man suffered what we were to later learn, a Village death, which in reality is no death at all, but a way of escape back to a former life in the "other place." So seeing as how this old man is the former No.6, to what previous life, what "other palce" might he have returned to? That of his life in London, as his sketch found by Six hidden in an old wine bottle in 93's apartment would suggest, or did 93 suffer an even worse fate? It all depends upon where 93 was taken from in the first place. I mean just because 93 draws a sketch of a place he remembers from his former life, doesn't mean that he was brought to The Village from London. That sketch of St. Stephen's Tower could equally have been the Bell Tower in The Village of the previous series, and so 93 could easily have returned to his former life in The Village!

    I have suggested in past articles, of the possibility that M2, Two's wife controls everything and everyone in The Village in her subconscious mind. But I was wrong, this does not happen, nor would it be possible for M2 to control absolutely everything in The Village. Yes people are brought to The Village through Two and M2's mind, while both The Village and those born in The Village are created by M2's mind. But afterwards the general populous have to do things for themselves, as they would in the real world. When M2 wakes one time from her unconscious state, she asks Two how her son is and asks what he's like, and Two tells her that he's quite grown up now. So if M2 was controlling everything in The Village in her mind, then she would have known about her son, and so would not have needed to ask. So when in the episode Schizoid, when Two gives his son 11-12, the opportunity to spend time with his mother, so that he may get to know her a little, that cuts both ways in my book. Because 11-12 may not know his mother, as his mother doesn't know her son 11-12 either!


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