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Friday 20 February 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

    Now who did we think Number 6 would find behind that screen? Bet he thought, or rather he might have expected Number 1. If he did, he was to be disappointed, and so too the viewer if that’s who they thought Number 6 would discover. But it wasn’t Number 1, but the machine.
   Wonder what that teletype was printing? It must have been printing something, as there is printed text on the paper. But of course it’s another of those things about ‘the Prisoner’ series that shall forever remain a mystery. Like the unanswered question, as to why Number 2 should give her report, and received her instructions via a teleprinter, when she was seen and heard, speaking to her immediate superior who we presume is Number 1 at an early stage in the episode. The teleprinter suggests contact with a source somewhere in the outside World.



  1. Dear David
    See what I mean about the decor - you couldn't get anything more chintzy! Busy patterned wallpaper and carpet, the shades of which don't quite go (crimson and rose pink). And look at all the furniture - how cramped is that! I bet No 6 got a few bruises just walking into the room, and if the lights went out, well, probably a nasty fall.
    Please provide some more interior shots so that we can discuss the decor - Changing Rooms, more like A Change of Rooms, ha, ha!
    Be seeing you!

    1. Dear Nadia,
      Yes I do see what you mean about the decor, it does look Chintzy, and yet there is something French about the furnishings. there is a continental telephone on the French looking desk.
      I agree the room is rather cramped. But it would have been more so had the room been decorated and furnished Victorian Style!
      You asked me to provide further interiors for discussion. As a matter of fact I've three in mind at the moment, so it will be my pleasure to do so, and that includes your own home from home in The Village!

      Enjoy the day
      Very best regards