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Thursday 26 February 2015

You’re Going In?

    Well it’s late, there’s a lot to do, and Number 2 has to make her report. I wonder why she could not do that from her office, make her report to Number 1? All she had to do was pick up a telephone, doesn’t matter if its red, yellow, turquoise, or pink. No, Number 2 didn’t have a pink telephone, that was the bureaucrat to whom the Prisoner handed in his resignation. In any case Number 2 appeared to be speaking to Number 1 on the telephone early into the episode of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ So who was she going to report to in that very elaborately furnished room via a teleprinter? As far as that room goes, Number 2 had this to say to Number 6.
    “They can’t see you. They’ve never seen in this room and they never will.”
    So why shouldn’t the ordinary citizens see into that room?  And what about that elaborately furnished room within the depths of the Town Hall? We know that despite the Green Dome being described as Number 2’s residence, Number 2 doesn’t actually live there. It is but an office. Might not that room in the Town Hall in which Number 6 discovered the teleprinter, be used by each subsequent Number 2 who is in office at the time? Perhaps refurnished and decorated for each one. After all if the Green Dome isn’t Number 2’s actual residence, he or she had to have somewhere to live. Perhaps that’s the reason why the ordinary residents will never see into that room. They don’t want them to see how Number 2 lives. They might feel sorry for him or her, having to live there underground, instead of in residence in the Green Dome! Yet having said that, the ordinary citizen wouldn’t have been afforded the possibility of seeing into that elaborately furnished room, if the Ball had been held in the Recreation Hall instead of the Town Hall!

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