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Sunday 15 February 2015

It’s Your Funeral

    In The Village there is what could be described as an “amorphous” number of embittered citizens all doing their utmost to make things as difficult as possible for Number 2. They are a contradiction to Number 6’s role of the lone voice of resistance, while everyone else is just “rotted cabbages” in the eyes of Number 6.
    Number 50-Monique is another of those women in The Village used against Number 6. Drugged, and sent to his cottage in order to gain Number 6’s trust, and thus making him believe in the assassination plot. However it’s not long before Monique becomes nothing more than a “side-kick” to Number 6. But at least she is there at the end, unlike Number 8 in ‘Checkmate’ for example. After that scene on the quayside at the beach, she no longer takes part in the action. No doubt because she lost her necklace, and so had been compromised. She was no longer any value to Number2, or the security system! What’s more Monique is the only woman Number 6 encounters who does not betray him!

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