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Friday 27 February 2015

Quote For The Day

    “What’s he up to with that clock? It’s a bomb! That’s it, it must be a bomb!”    
                                         {Number 2 - Hammer Into Anvil}

    Of course it wasn’t a bomb, but it wasn’t the first time that it was suggested that Number 6 might have a bomb. Number 2 in ‘Dance of the Dead’ told the doctor that she would warn him the moment Number 6 puts a bomb in his lovely hospital! But all it was, was a cuckoo clock, plain and simple, and just another act of Jamming on Number 6’s part. When Number 6 went to buy a notebook, and saw the display of Cuckoo clocks, not that he was interested in the actual Cuckoo clocks themselves, nor was he looking for a particular one, but it did give him an idea. It was the Shopkeeper who thought Number 6 was looking for a specific one, but was wrong about that. Number’s 6 eye was caught by a distinct box, one with a hinged lid which he could use as a trap, and which he later baited with the remnants of a ham sandwich. Do country pigeons like ham sandwiches? Mind you, I bet that pigeon would have been burned to a crisp had the Supervisor-Number 60 been able to activate and fire the beam at maximum strength. Instead of minimum strength, which merely stunned the pigeon.

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