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Sunday 22 February 2015

Happy Landings!

    Replace Mister X in the Control Room of the rocket in the lighthouse, tied up in that chair with rope climbing rope that would hold an elephant, with Number 1 sealed in the nose cone of the red one rocket and you have roughly the same scenario. The interior of the rockets being the one and the same. The Girl Who Was Death asked Mister X to think of her when he hits town. Who would Number 1 be thinking of, once the rocket re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere to eventually impact with the ground, or splash into the sea? With the control set at “low orbit” it wouldn’t take long before that orbit deteriorated. Perhaps the red 1 rocket, like Professor Schnipp’s rocket was destined for London, taking Number 48, 2 and the former Number 6 home. But as it was, Mister X managed to escape the bonds that secured him in that chair, unlike Number 1. He was sealed in the nose cone of the rocket and there would be no escape from his fate. Unless the hatch with a handle on the one side, had a wheel on the other, by which to release the hatch. But if it’s anything like the hatch in Professor Schnipp’s rocket…………it didn’t!

Be seeing You

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