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Monday 23 February 2015

Thought For The Day

    Once the decision had been made about “Degree Absolute,” which would take Number 2 away from the day to day working of The Village. But someone had to be in charge, and so it was that Number 2 seemingly promoting the Supervisor-Number 26, by effectively handing The Village over to the Supervisor for one week. So did that make the Supervisor a new Number 2?
   But then after that 7 day period, it befell upon the Supervisor to go to the Embryo Room and supervise the release of the time lock  of the door. He found Number 6 and the Butler, with Number 2 lying on the floor in the cage. “What do you desire?” the Supervisor asked. Not “You can release me from The Village.” But Number 6 decided it was time for him to confront Number 1! “I’ll take you” said the Supervisor.
   So who was in charge of The Village while the Supervisor was taking Number 6 to meet Number 1? Perhaps the Supervisor handed the day to day running of The Village over to someone else while he was away from the Control Room. And yet on the other hand, another former Number 2 had been brought back to The Village to take up the role of President {Judge} in order to oversee the three trials that would take place during ‘Fall Out.’ But when was that decided? After all everything must have been set up in that cavern long before Number 6 asked for Number 1. Or are we to assume that what we see in the cavern is a permanent fixture? Regarding the red 1 rocket it may be assumed to be so. But the President {Judge}, surely he wasn’t a permanent fixture in that cavern? If he was, what would his purpose be there? It is possible that a former Number 2 had been brought back to administer the day to day running of The Village. But who suddenly finds himself in the role of Judge, presiding over three trials instead! After all it is the Judge who gives the order from the cavern to evacuate The Village, not someone in the Green Dome, as he as Number 2 is not there!
   And the Assembly of delegates, each one representing various aspects of society, they like the Judge, also seem out of place in that cavern. It may be supposed that they would appear more at home somewhere else, such as in the domed Council Chamber of the Town Hall. In fact the three trials could have been better held there instead of in that cavern. Like the trial against the Prisoner during the ‘Dance of the Dead.’ But then what price the meeting between Number 6 and Number 1? After Number 6 had attempted to say the things that needed to be said, he could then have been taken down into the cavern to meet Number 1 in the rocket, to where Numbers 48 and 2 had been taken. But perhaps that would have all been an over complication, far better to have everything, and everyone handy in the cavern. And yet, a cavern might be described as a domed chamber.

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