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Thursday 12 February 2015

The Village

    The Village is a small enough community, its population having reached a certain number for it to remain a Village. But is there indeed room for growth? Is it possible for The Village to grow into a town, or is the population controlled and restricted so that it never grows beyond a Village?
   Does The Village sit in something of around 70 acres of grounds and woodland, or do the grounds extend as far as the mountains? If we are to judge anything, it is in ‘Many Happy Returns.‘ When Number 6 having driven out of The Village into the countryside, looks down onto the mountains, which puts The Village at a very high altitude. When clearly The Village is at sea level!
   There is room for The Village to expand, but perhaps not to so large as a town. Besides which, The Town doesn’t have the same ring as The Village. And should the population exceed that of The Village, it ceases to be The Village, and clearly becomes something else. Something less manageable, less contained. With more danger of being discovered.
     The community is largely English, but with a smattering of the Oriental,
Caribbean, Indian, and eastern European. The Village itself is a mixture of architecture, mostly Italianate, inspired by Portofino. It is said that when in The Village you could be absolutely anywhere, somehow that could be doubted. Can there be anywhere else in the world quite like The Village?

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