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Monday 2 February 2015


   There are two sides to 86, her cold starchy, direct side, wearing slacks and flat shoes, wearing her hair up in a business style manner. Then there is her more feminine side, more relaxed, wearing her own dress and high heeled shoes, and her hair down. In this she is more seductive, more comely. Perhaps by wearing her own dress rather than the usual uniform of a doctor, she is showing individual tendencies. Certainly none of The Village doctors could be accused of that. But 86 should be careful, for even she was once posted as being disharmonious. Although we do only have her word for that.
  It might be construed that her act of femininity is an act for the benefit of Number 6, so that she can get close to him in order to keep 6 sedated with the Mytol drug. Because before, as a doctor Number 86 didn’t think twice about carrying out the leucotomy operations on patients at the hospital. In fact a much cleaner, less barbaric way of isolating the aggressive frontal lobes had been developed, by her perhaps.
   Number 86 was accused of being a stupid woman by Number 2, in allowing Number 6 to turn the tables on her. She just wasn’t clever enough that’s all. Anyway both Number 2 and the Supervisor were watching as Number 6 taught 86 how to make a decent cup of tea. So they should have spotted what Number 6 had done, in swapping the two cups.
   In her sedated state of mind, Number 86 told Number 6 that she is higher than Number 2. But that might just have been the Mytol talking. Certainly it made her mind more conducive to Number 6’s hypnotic suggestion. And in the end 86 denounced Number 2 as being unmutual. If The Village Welfare Committee was a tool of Number 2’s who wishes to possess the citizens minds, then 86 was an unwitting tool of Number 6’s, used to bring Number 2 down. Perhaps that makes Number 6 no better than Number 2.

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