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Tuesday 3 February 2015

One Good Thing About The Prisoner

  Well alright, there are 17 episodes filled with good things about ‘the Prisoner,’ amongst which the series can be viewed in any order, save for ‘Arrival,’ ‘Once Upon A Time,’ and ‘Fall Out.’ Although it is possible to view Fall Out before Arrival, if one is of the opinion that ‘the Prisoner’ actually begins with ‘Fall Out.’ And because each of the remaining 14 episodes are a self-contained story, they can be placed in any order. And if one is of a mind, there is always the 7 episode mini series to watch, originally intended by Patrick McGoohan.
   Over the years there has been a question of the correct screening order of ‘the Prisoner,’ and many enthusiasts have arrived at their own particular screening order. I myself came up with one, and watched ‘the Prisoner’ according to that list. However next time I think I’ll watch ‘the Prisoner’ it will be as the production or library order. That way putting ‘The General’ before ‘A B and C,’ and ‘It’s Your Funeral’ before ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ having learned all about Jammers in the previous episodes, Number 6 demonstrates those skills against Number 2 in the one that follows.
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