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Sunday 15 February 2015

Carnival Is Decreed!

    I am reliably informed by Arno, who is a regular commenter on this blog, that in Germany it is currently Carnival time. “Once a year, from the 11th of the 11th until Ash Wednesday” Everyone's got to be in it. That's the rule.  Apparently it is the tradition for women to go around cutting men’s neck-ties. What follows is Arno’s own take on such an event in The Village.
Carnival Has Been Decreed –So Be It!
Thursday means women's carnival day! Men beware, they're going to rip off your "best" piece, the neck tie!
Meanwhile in the Village...
Now then, No. 6. Carnival isn't just for fun! We're here to get yours!
 What the... look at him! He hasn't got a tie...!
No tie, no carnival! Let's rough 'em up, ladies!
"We gonna show ya what it means not to be a dedicated follower of ‘fasching’..."
Let's take him away to next whisky bar!
And then...

Here you go, No. 6! As your personal assistant you should've let me handle that case. For once! You cannot do everything on your own.



  1. Instant social coercion. Spirit of carnival. Thanks, David! - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      No problem, my pleasure.
      On the news here, the Carnival parade in Braunschweig was cancelled 90 minutes before the parade was due to take place, due to an "Islamic terrortist threat."

      Very kind regards

  2. Dear David
    This scene always reminds me of the song:
    “He gets knocked down, but he gets up again”,
    Nothing’s ever gonna keep him down!....
    Jamming the night away, jamming the night away!
    He drinks a (non-alcoholic) whiskey drink, a (non-alcoholic) vodka drink,
    He drinks a (non-alcoholic) lager drink, and then a (non-alcoholic) cider drink!
    Ha, ha, ha!

    1. Dear Nadia,
      I'm not familiar with that song, but it seems quite apt.
      Certainly they don't look like the kind ladies of the Women's Institute. Pat Keen looks really vicious the way she weilds that umbrella at Pat McGoohan. And Cathleen Breck is laying into him with karate chops to his neck!
      This is another of those cases of "mob rule" in The Village!

      Very best regards