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Thursday 26 February 2015

There Some People Who Talk…..

    And so it follows there are some people who do not talk. Which means there are some people who leave The Village, and some who do not leave! Cobb talked, and can be observed to be about ready to leave The Village at the end of ‘Arrival.’ So it may be assumed that Chambers, who was also brought to The Village, and proved to be so talkative, was like Cobb, allowed to leave the Village. Number 2 of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ had originally been brought to The Village as a prisoner. He said himself in ‘Fall Out’ that what was so deplorable, was the fact that he resisted for so short a time. Poor old Roland Walter Dutton, he didn’t resist, he told them everything he knew. The only trouble in Dutton’s case was that the doctor didn’t believe him! It may be supposed, because of the doctors experiments that Roland Walter Dutton went and gone!
    I wonder when Number 2 was given that number, when he was given that position? Before he was brought back to The Village, or before, while back in
London? And who decided that? It’s all very well to promote someone already living in The Village, someone in a position of authority. But to bring someone in from the outside, how does that actually work? Certainly Number 2 would have to be fully briefed about The Village, about Number 6. But then would they? Like Number 2 of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ he has had prior first hand knowledge and experience of The Village, but as a prisoner! But then not on the actual working, and manipulation of such as The Village! However as it turned out, Number 2 turned out to be an excellent administrator, and was brought back, but not once but twice, and the second time he was not at all happy about. It could be imagined that once having woken up amongst the people in The Village would have been bad enough, but to be brought back, not as a prisoner but as a warder! It makes one wonder how it was decided that this man should become a Number 2? Perhaps because he obviously worked in the Foreign Office, as in the past it has been his lot, to wield a not inconsiderable power. Nay he had the ear of statesmen, Kings and Princes of many lands. Governments had been swayed, policies defined and revolutions nipped in the bud from a word from him in the right place and at a propitious time.  So it maybe supposed that that was good enough to attain the position of Number 2, second only to one, if one discounts 2 as also being second to three as well.
    So, are all the other Number 2’s former citizens recruited to the Village and promoted from within? Or were they like Number 2 of COBB and OUAT, brought to The Village as Prisoners, who were then turned to the dark side to coin a phrase? It might be argued that the first Number 2 was, and perhaps still is after his term of office in The Village, a Colonel in British Intelligence. One Colonel Ross. Harry Palmer could tell you a great deal about Ross. But then that may well be stretching a point too far, fictionally speaking. Mixing ‘the Prisoner’ with the ‘The Ipcress file,’ ‘Funeral In Berlin,’ and The Billion Dollar Brain.’ The trouble is, Guy Doleman plays the two roles of Colonel Ross and Number 2 so alike, that they could be one and the same character. Perhaps that’s where all the Number 2’s came from, either recruited or abducted from within the British Civil Service! Perhaps not put to immediate use in The Village, but released back into society to be retained as a “sleeper.” Ready to be recalled at a propitious time, to be of service to The Village, either as an external agent, or within The Village itself. That way The Village administration could have agents secreted all over the World.
    But Number 6 was not for talking, nor would he allow himself to be coerced into becoming one of “them” either. But even so, and in the end, he was like Number 2, he became a “lifer” because he knew too much, too much about ‘The Village!

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