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Tuesday 10 February 2015

Feb 10th

    The thing about Feb 10th, on the issue of The Tally Ho is, it’s the wrong date. It should be Feb 11th! Number 6 goes to sleep on the night of Wednesday February 10th. If we forget for the time being, the scene in which the mole is removed from his left wrist, the injection, and the electric conditioning {Feb 11th being the date on the patient report sheet}. The next time we see Number 6 waking up {as someone else and in a strange apartment} it’s supposed to be the next morning, Feb 11th. So the day-date calendar should be changed to Thursday February 11th after Number 6 has woken up, even though it is about a month or so later. Depending on how long it took Number 6 to grow his beard and moustache!
    And so working on that hypothesis, Number 6 taken from his home during the night of February 10th, it may have taken him a between a month and two months to grow his beard and moustache. But even then the conditioning of Number 6 still went on. Certainly by the time Number 6 wakes up in that strange apartment, The Village Festival has come and gone, having taken place on or around March 10th. There having been a month to the festival from Feb 10th. By which time, according to ‘Many Happy Returns,’ {depending on how long it took him to build his sea-going raft} Number 6 had been at sea approximately 25 days! Because no matter how many days it took him to build his raft one, two or three days, to have been at sea 25 days, arriving back in London on March18th {assuming that it was the morning of the18th when he woke up, having been washed up on the beach at Beachy Head} he would have had to set sail before or on, but certainly no later than, the 21st of February!
   It might be argued that the Prisoner had been incarcerated in The Village for two years, that would make it possible for there to be two months of February and March. {Well that would be better than to say that the two events were taking place at the one and the same time, but in two parallel Villages!} And that would be all well and good, save for the fact that the Prisoner-Number 6 had been confined in The Village for 15 months!

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