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Thursday 26 February 2015

Village Life!

    “It’s going to be a long night.”
    “We’ve drawn the short straw again!”
    “I couldn’t half do with a cuppa char!”
    “Well it was you who forgot to bring the flask!”
    “I was busy making the sandwiches wasn’t I.”
    “I don’t know, were you?”
    “Yeah I was.”
    “What’s in the sandwiches?”
    “Four Cheese and pickle, and four cheese and tomato.”
    “Any crisps?”
    “One packet of plain crisps, the one with the little blue bag of salt inside.”
    “Oh I like that, you can put just as much salt on the crisps as you want.”
    “Yeah, and then you shake the bag to get the crisps evenly covered in salt.”
    “Oh good, think I’ll have a cheese and pickle sandwich, and a packet of crisps.”
    “You can’t.”
    “And why not?
    “I left them back in the canteen with the flask of tea!”
    “You know what?”
    “No names are supposed to be used here!”
    “What are you going on about?”
    “You asked me if I know Watt.”
    “No I didn’t, I said do you know what?”
    “See, you did it again!”
    “Did what?”
    “Asked me if I know Watt.”
    “Do you know something?”
    “Know what?”
    “You’re next to an idiot!”
    “How do you do!”
    “No don’t be like that!”
    “All night stuck up on this damned
Bell Tower.”
    “Hope it doesn’t rain.”
    “At least the wind’s not blowing!”
    “Yeah it’s not so bad, nothing ever happens.”
    “Shine the searchlight over there.”
    “Why, you seen something?”
    “Yeah, two girls moonlight bathing.”
    “Blimey! I don’t fancy yours much!”
    “That’s Hercules you idiot. You’re pointing the searchlight in the wrong direction!”

Be seeing you

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