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Friday 27 February 2015

Why Am I Here?

   “You know why you’re here Ninety-three.”
   “You’re in The Village.”
   “This is not The Village!”
   “Not The Village? Then what is it if it’s not The Village?”
   “The Village is Italianate, and not surrounded in every direction for hundreds and hundreds of miles by sand.”
    “You are deluded Ninety-three. Let me book you in for therapy treatment. A spell in the Therapy Zone will do wonders for your attitude.”
    “I want to go back!”
    “Go back to where?”
    “I’m afraid that’s not possible Ninety-three. There is no
London, there is only The Village, you  of all people should know that by now.”
    “Well I want to go back to The Village.”
    “But you’re in The Village.”
    “The other Village. When I tell Number two what you’ve done to me, you’ll be for it I can tell you.”
   “Who did you say?”
    “Number Two.”
    “But I am Two.”
    “You mean the new Number Two.”
    “No, just Two. There has only ever been one Two, and I am he.”
    “Look I can tell you things about The Village………………..”
    “Go on Ninety-Three, I’d be fascinated to hear your delusions, ravings or whatever they are.”
    “In The Village people turn up, people who have a certain sort of knowledge which invaluable to an enemy. When in The Village they are there to have that knowledge protected, or extracted.”
    “Ninety-three we are not concerned with sides. Sides do not matter any more. Here in The Village we only make people better.”
    “What better citizens?”
    “Yes. That’s why you were selected. You’re broken, and need putting back together again.”
    “Like Humpty Dumpty.”
    “Humpty Dumpty?”
    “Sat on a wall, Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall……..”
    “All the kings horses and all the Kings men…………….”
    “Couldn’t put Humpty together again!”
    “Well we’ll attempt to do slightly better than the Kings men and all their horses.”
    “And then I can go home?”
    “But you are home Ninety-three. You are Village.
    “Village is best for me?”
    “We should find you a new blazer.”
    “This blazer, what’s wrong with it?”
    “It’s so old Village.”
    “I like it. It reminds me of former times.”
    “One should never live in the past.”
    “The present isn’t all that wonderful.”
    “People here are happy enough. Going about their daily lives.”
    “As prisoners?”
    “As citizens of The Village.”
    “I want to leave!”
    “I see no locked doors. Leave whenever you like.”
    “Leave The Village?”
    “And go where?”
    “Back to The Village…… Village is all there is!”

    He crossed the square, crossed the street, climbed the steps and walked into the Green Dome as the front door swung open. The diminutive
Butler bowed as he entered, but not with the agility he once had. A pair of steel doors opened and he entered Number 2’s office.
    “Ah Number Six, how are we today. How’s the arthritis?” asked a portly man sat behind the curved desk.
    “What’s going on?”
    “Going on Number Six?”
    “Yes, you know what I mean.”
    “I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Look do sit down my dear fellow. A senior citizen of your age, you really shouldn’t get so worked up.”
    “I was there again!”
    “You know, in The Village.”
    “But you’ve always been here. Apart from the odd times you’ve been away from us.”
    “That’s what I mean. I’ve been away again, in that other Village.”
    “Oh not this again Six. You’ve been having nightmares again, that’s all.”
    “During the day?”
   “Well day dreaming then.”
    “Are you feeding me drugs again without my knowing?”
    “No. You may hold yourself in some importance, but believe me Number Six, you hold no  importance to us anymore. What knowledge you possessed in no longer classified. And the reason behind your resignation, well who cares , well, besides you that is? No-one that’s who. Go back to the Old People’s Home and stay there. You know what you need Number Six?”
    “No, what do I need?”
    “A posset!”
    “A Posset! You take a large jorum filled with hot milk, a spoon full of treacle, a raw egg, and a little grated nutmeg, all stirred together. And taken down hot before you go to bed, well it’ll make a new man of you. Ask Matron there to make you a posit.”
    “You all think I’m mad! If its not one Village its another!”
    “There is only one Village Number Six, and you’re in it.”
    “Yes, right up to my neck!”

        Number Six left the Green Dome and made his way through The Village, and down onto the quayside. There was a set of steps leading down to the beach, the tide was out. Walking away along the beach in the sunshine, he had the compelling desire to turn around, raise his arm in defiance and shout “I am not a number, I am a free man.” He did turn, but he remained silent. The Village wasn’t there you see, just sand dune after sand dune for miles and miles in every direction…………………………..

Breathe in……breathe out……Village life goes on!
Be seeing you

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