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Monday 2 February 2015

Village Life!


   “Mind your step Five.”
   “Too right Three, this thing's damned heavy!”
   “Anyway how come we get to carry it?”
   “They said it was a privilege.”
   “If it was a privilege, someone else would have got to carry it!”

   “What do you think of the interim Number 2?”
   “He’s young.”
   “There’s no substitute for experience.”
   “That’s right, better the old fool you know!”
   “Yes, but change can be a good thing too.”

   “We didn’t get a vote this time!”
   “What I mean is there was no election this time.”
   “There wasn’t the last time.”
   “No, but once we got the opportunity to vote for the new Number 2.”
   “Well they’ve done away with democracy.”
   “Yes I know. Now they’ve invented this Appreciation Day malarkey!”
   “Well what’s the difference? It don’t make no difference whether we get a vote, or if any Number 2 is simply foisted on us, it don’t make no difference. We still get treated the same.”

   “He’s done some good work good for The Village.”
   “And now he’s set for retirement.”
   “Deserves it if you ask me.”
   “No-one’s asking you Thirteen.”
   “I was just saying that’s all.”
   “He’s just come back from being away on leave.”
   “Alright for some.”
   “Why do you think he came back to retire?”
   “Perhaps Village is best for him!”

   “There one thing I don’t understand Five.”
   “Just one Three.”
   “No, not one three, just one.”
   “Well make up your mind!”
   “What I don’t understand is, what’s all this new Blue-Zone in the post?”


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