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Friday 13 February 2015

Quote For The Day

    “I told you, you were using the wrong approach.”
     “Don’t worry, you did your best. I’ll stress it in my report.”
                                {Number 2 and Nadia Rakovsky - The Chimes of Big Ben}

    “I told you, you were using the wrong approach?” Told who, Nadia Rakovsky? Who was she to be instructing Number 2? The episode of ‘the Chimes of Big Ben’ appears to be in a league of its own, because the idea behind it seems to have come from an external source to the Village. Usually such business is conducted between Number 2 and Number 1. But on this occasion Number 1 does appear to have been cut out of the equation. Surely the idea behind ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ didn’t originate from the Colonel? He’s not high enough up the food chain within the Establishment for that, plus it can be certain that he lacks the wit for any such elaborate plan. And Nadia Rakovsky, exactly who is she going to give her report to? Not Number 1, seeing as she’s dressed for leaving The Village. This again suggests some external authority, but certainly not the Colonel, as he has first hand experience regarding the plans failure. Sir Charles Portland then? He’s high enough within the Establishment and would certainly have the authority. But if not him, then some other high ranking Civil Servant. As for Number 2, of him Nadia said he had done his best. But Number 2 didn’t do anything, except to oversee that Number 6’s escape plan went ahead without any kind of hindrance! As for Number 1, as previously written, he doesn’t appear in the equation. In fact thinking about it, Number 1 doesn’t figure in ‘The Prisoner’ until ‘A B and C.’ And even then it can only be assumed that its Number 1, because it might be ridiculous to suggested that it was someone other than Number 1. Yes it could be someone other than Number 1, someone superior to Number 2. But then seeing as 2 is second only to 1, we take it that it is Number 1 to whom 2 speaks on the telephone. What is ridiculous, is that over-sized, curved, red telephone. I see Leo McKern was not forced to use that, not even in ‘Once Upon A Time!’

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