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Tuesday 17 February 2015

Who’s That On The Telephono?

    “I know your voice!”
    “You should do, I was speaking to you earlier today!”

    “Well what do you want?”
    “Number One.”
    “I’m afraid you have the wrong number.”
    “That isn’t Number One?”
    “Why did you think Number One would be here?”
    “I’m on red.”
    “Well it’s the hot-line to Number One. I picked it up and found myself speaking to you! Are you sure you’re not Number One!”
    “I’m Number 6, always have been, except when I’ve been Number Twelve!”
    “Well being in two minds can only eventually lead to a change of mind!”
    “These days I like to mind my own business!”
    “It’s good to know you’re living in harmony now.”
    “I thought I was in The Village?”
    “Harmony is a state of mind.”
    “And The Village a place on the map!”
    “The mind makes its own places. You are where you think you are.”
    “Well in that case, I’m in
Southend-on-Sea, and have a date with the girl who is death!”


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