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Sunday 1 February 2015

The Village

    There are those who see The village as an oppressive, torrid, and stifling  society, from which there is no escape. Whilst others see The Village as a modern day Utopia, as the citizens every need is catered for. What’s more, through Health and Welfare, the good citizens are looked after for as long as they live. That would all depend on which side each citizen was. Number 6 wants to spoil things, Madam Professor says she and her husband are perfectly happy, they have everything they need. Although that could easily be suspected to be a lie. While people like the supervisor-Number 26 and Number 12 are cogs in the machine. And the Observer Number 240 who has her duty and respects the rules! But all is not sweetness and light. “To hell with the village” toasted one Number 2 when he was free of surveillance in the Therapy Zone. Another 2, in an unguarded moment said of Number 6 and what it is he wants, “What we all want ultimately, to escape!”


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