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Sunday 8 February 2015

Collectors Corner – No.6 Badge Prop!

  Patrick Mcgoohan, The Prisoner, used No. 6 ID badge prop from TV series  

  This I found on ebay. Below is the sellers description of the item.

   “This is a No.6 badge prop from The Prisoner TV series with Patrick Mcgoohan. It was given to me in the late 1960's by one of the crew members who worked on the series. I was told it was mock-up prop of the ID badge used in rehearsals during filming sequences. It was made at some stage before the finished badges were ready. Either it was warn by Patrick or his stand-in during rehearsals . It seems to be rendered in pencil on paper and stuck onto thin card backing on which is written the word "Everyman" in pencil. It also has a fine thread stitched to the back which must have attached it to The Prisoner's jacket.
    There is a small amount of yellowing but this is to be expected considering its 1966 vintage.
    I've reluctantly decided to part with it and let another fan cherish it.
    It measures 110mm (4 1/4") in diameter.
    I hope it finds a loving home.”

   Footnote: Unfortunately, the asking price for the badge £400, is well out of my price range. Yet if the provenance is correct, then this is truly a collectors item linked to ‘the Prisoner.’ It is just as I have always said, you never know what there is out there that people own connected to ‘the Prisoner’ series.

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