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Thursday 12 February 2015

What’s Your Number?

    The doctor who gives the Prisoner his medical the day after his arrival in The Village doesn’t wear a number. At least not on his white coat for everyone to see. Perhaps he has it worn on the grey polo necked jersey.
    Number 113, who contributes to The Tally Ho, he wears his badge , but not his photographic counterpart Number 113b. Although everyone in The Village is a number, but even there numbers can denote relationships. Such as Number 50 the Watchmakers daughter, and Number 51 her father the watchmaker. The relationship between Number 113b and 113c is an obvious one, they are identical twins. But where does that leave Number 113? Unless the relationship between all three is a business one. That they all work in some capacity for The Tally Ho, Number 113c the operator of The Tally Ho dispenser.
    The Professor and Madam Professor, neither of who wear a numbered badge. But then perhaps in their case that rule is not enforced, seeing as it appears that neither are permitted to go out into The Village itself!
Butler doesn’t wear a numbered badge either, but perhaps in his case it would be cruel to go into fractions! But in any case, the Butler is never referred to by a number whatsoever, so we do not know what it is, indeed can we be sure he even has a number? Number 6 on the other hand, he only wears his numbered badge on rare occasions, and only then when it suits him to do so. Did I write Number 6? He’s also been Number 12, and on one occasion Number 56! Number 6, his double's number was 12, six of one, half a dozen of the other. I suppose if the Prisoner’s number had been 7, his double's number would have had to have been 14. But there’s no nice phrase that would suit 7 and 14. If one had been 6 and his double 7, they being at odds with each other it could have been said that they were at sixes and sevens with each other. But perhaps that’s going a little too far. Anyway what’s your number, we’ve all got one, more than one. For myself this year, it just happens to be a significant number, it's 6, but with the addition of a 0!

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