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Friday 20 February 2015

Quote For The Day

      “Who are you?”
     “The new Number Two?”
    “Who is Number One?”
    “You are Number Six.”
                        {The Prisoner and Number 2 - the opening sequence}

    So that’s that all tidied up nicely, what’s more we know whose who, it couldn’t be simpler. But of course it wasn’t Number 2 who gave the Prisoner his number of identity. One would have thought it should have been Number 2, a man in his position. It was the Supervisor who gave the Prisoner his number 6. He did that when he made that announcement to all units and all posts, when Number 6 was heading toward the Outer Zone in the Mini-Moke. Makes one wonder how the Supervisor knew what Number this new arrival was to have, when all the time he’s mostly in his domain of the Control Room. Number 2 may very well have alerted the Supervisor to the Prisoner’s number. But if so, that is one of those numerous moments in ‘the Prisoner’ to which we as the viewer are not privy. So we simply have to accept that it was the Supervisor who gave the Prisoner’s number of 6. Then again the Prisoner didn’t know that, he was too busy trying to escape. The Prisoner wasn’t actually given his number until the next day, after he had been discharged from the hospital. It was in fact the medical orderly who actually presented the Prisoner with his number 6, via his card of identity, and not the Supervisor after all!

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