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Saturday 14 February 2015

Village Life

At the hairdressers!
    “Have you ever had a feeling of deja vu?”
    “Well I thought we had already given him a make-over!”
    “Perhaps he wasn’t happy with it the first time!”

    “Yes, and it looks as though he wasn’t happy the second time either!”
    “This is the third time now!”
    “Remember, the customer is always right!”
    “Well I only wish he’d make up his mind about what he wants!”
    “This is how he had it before.”
    “I think he looks better without the moustache.”
    “And shaving his beard off makes him look so much younger!”
    “Ask him if he’d like something for the weekend?”
    “Oh I daren’t. You ask him.”
    “Oh no I couldn’t.”
    “Perhaps he’d sign this photograph for me?”
    “I’ve heard he doesn’t give anything away. So he’s hardly likely to give you his autograph!”
    “I’ve got Roger Moore’s autograph.”
    “Oh I like Roger Moore, he’s The Saint.”
    “Do you like Roger Moore sir?”
    “If you ask me, less is more!”


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