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Sunday 15 February 2015

Playing The Prisoner For A Fool!

    Having made Number 6 think he has undergone the full personality change, brought about by the operation called Instant social Conversion, this by the dislocation of the aggressive frontal lobes, a leucotomy. But Number 6 was merely drugged, heavily sedated by the use of Mytol. If only Number 86 had been a little more dexterous, a little more clever at slight of hand, they might have got away with it. Because even though being so drugged, he still had doubts, suspicions even. And the sedative did nothing to curb 6’s aggressiveness!   
   In the end he not only turns the tables on Number 86, but also Number 2. 86 now sedated by the Mytol drug, her mind is susceptible to suggestion, and makes Number 6’s task of hypnotising her easy, {is there nothing this man cannot do?} and through that discovers the truth of what had happened to him. And so 6 promises to give Number 2 what he wants, his confession. But unlike a priest in confession, one can be sure that Number 6’ confessing to Number 2 the reason behind his resignation, would not remain in the confessional for very long! It’s always best to have things out in the open, and that’s where Number 6 provokes 86’s confession, that Number 6 is an unmutual. A man who desires to possess all the citizens minds, or at least that which their minds contain, information, information, information!

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