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Friday 13 February 2015

Don’t Do That - Enquire!

    I suppose it doesn’t do to ask too many questions. But then if we didn’t ask questions we wouldn’t get any answers, not that the answers we get are likely to be the right answers. Where ‘the Prisoner’ is concerned Patrick McGoohan didn’t like to give away any answers, that’s always assuming he knew the answers in the first place. He preferred people to work out the meaning of ‘the Prisoner’ for themselves, to arrive at their own conclusions. And that’s what a good many people have been doing these past 48 years. Why? Well perhaps none of us have arrived at any such satisfactory conclusion! Why? Well that’s ‘the Prisoner’ for you, it takes you down so many different avenues. And that’s not all, as no single entity can mean the one thing. Something can mean the one thing, and be something completely different at the one and same time. It all boils down to interpretation, and no three people’s interpretation of ‘the Prisoner’ will ever be the same.
    Will there ever come a time when all enthusiasts for ’the Prisoner’ will come to a satisfactory conclusion? What, a satisfactory conclusion that’s suits everyman and everywoman? Who can say? All that can be said is, that even now, after 48 years enthusiasts are still finding new things in the series, about the series, and still putting fingers to keyboard in order to write about the series. I suppose the day that stops, will be the day that ‘the Prisoner’ has been squeezed dry, and a satisfactory conclusion has finally been arrived at for all concerned. But even if I were a betting man, I shouldn’t put my money on it. Well at least not any time soon!

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