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Thursday 19 February 2015

Poor Old Chap!

  What must it have been like to have gone through all that effort, only to end up back where he started! It’s rather like a ride in a Village taxi, its alright, just as long as you end up back where you started. The local service you see.
   This must have been like a new arrival for the Prisoner. As though the slate has been wiped clean, and giving Number 6 a fresh start so to speak. Thinking about it, had there been a second series of ‘the Prisoner’ they could have done worse than to use ‘Many Happy Returns’ as the first episode of that second series. Number 6 perhaps having been turned to work for The Village, having beaten Number 2 in 'Once Upon A Time' he being the better man, and subsequently  released at the end of the last episode of the first series, only to be brought back at the outset of the second. Brought back as the new Number 2, warder instead of Prisoner. That would have presented him with a new challenge. And who better, after all he is a good man. He’s been put to the test, in more ways than one, and he survived. The ideal man to know how to deal with the next stubborn Number 6 to come along! No, better not give him the number 6, make him Number 42. No! People will add 4 and 2 together and make 6! Make the Prisoner 7, The Village has never had a 7 before. And if 7 ever has an opposite, a double, he can be 14. Perhaps that’s a bit too predictable. The trouble is Number 6 has a certain ring to it that its difficult to find with any other number. I wonder if that’s why they used Number 6 in the second series produced in 2009? Well yes it isn’t a second series direct to the first, a reinterpretation, a reinvention of the first series. And yet they still used the number 6 for the Prisoner, even when dealing with a completely different character to that of the first. They could, and perhaps should, have used any number. It maybe supposed that no matter what, in a reinterpretation, and in fan fiction, the Prisoner will always be Number 6!

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