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Thursday 27 August 2015

An Overweening Sense of Self-Importance!

    It's hardly surprising is it, that Number 6 had an overweening sense of self-importance, seeing as the whole Village, its works, and machinations are there simply for the benefit of Number 6 alone, and everyone in it is there for his convenience. It seems to some minds this idea works perfectly well. If that is the case, then some organisation has gone to a great deal of trouble just for one man. Is he really so important? It would appear that the Prisoner thinks he is, in fact in his mind….he’s the boss, he’s Number 1! It would seem that the man’s egomania knows no bounds, and if anything…. has increased!
    It has been discussed before, that The Village is all in the mind of Number 6, that he created it there. In ‘Once Upon A Time’ for example Number 6 shouts at Number 2, through the bars of the cage, "In my mind, in my mind you're smart!" That's perhaps because if one follows this "all in the mind" theory, Number 6 created Number 2 in his mind, and made him smart! And if it's all in Number 6's mind he should always be one step ahead, not out manoeuvred by Number 1. Number 6 may play a fine game, but with Number 1 knowing his every move, and vice versa, the game can only end in stalemate!

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