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Monday 31 August 2015


    ‘Checkmate’ is a rather clever title for an episode, in which there are at least four clear meanings. The obvious one is the game of chess, and the human chess match which takes place. The first recorded game of human chess took place in Marostica in Italy in 1454.
    The white Queen is hypnotised into believing that she is in love with Number 6, and he with her. In fact, her emotions are being programmed into the alarm system, and so through this would be mate, Number 2 and his administration are able to keep a check on Number 6.
    As the storyline progresses, Number 6 discovers who the prisoners and who the warders. In other words he checks who are his mates and who are not!
    On a deeper level Number 6 plays a clever game with Number 2, which ends in a “fools mate” win for Number 2!

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