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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Village Life!

    “I’m not the man I was!”
    “Aren’t you. Who are you then?”
   “I’m you!”
    “Well who am I?”
    “The other bloke I suppose.”
    “You, you mean!”
    “Well yes.”
    “Well you certainly look like me.”
    “And you look like me, not just a cheap mirror image.”
    “Don’t mention it.”
    “Alright I won’t.”
    “You know what they’ve gone and done don’t you?”
    “I think so.”
    “Go one then.”
    “Whichever one of us is Number 6, they’ve brought in a doppelganger in order to impersonate Number 6, and then to finally bring him face to face with himself in order that Number 6 will suffer a breakdown!”
    “It’s worse than that!”
    “Is it, how worse?”
    “You know what they’ve gone and done don’t you?”
    “Okay, I’ll buy it!” 
    “They’ve split my psyche!”
    “They’ve done what?”
    “They have split my psyche in order to produce you!”
    “Haven’t you got that a bit mixed?”
    “How do you mean?”
    “You’re taking a lot on yourself. Your psyche?!”
    “Alright, our psyche then.”
    “And all the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn’t put humpty together again!”
    “Well we certainly can’t go about like this.”
    “Why not? We wouldn’t be the first set of twins here in The Village.”
    “You mean this sort of thing has been done before?”
    “How many Villages do you know with at least two pairs of twins. So many look-a-likes, and doppelgangers in it!”
    “They say everyone has a double.”
    “Well here we are then.”
    “Well here we are then! So why did you want to go and do that for?”
    “Resign. You really are a blithering idiot you know!”
    “No I didn’t know. But I bet you’re going to tell me!”
    “If it had been left to me, we’d still be in a job, and not both stuck here, prisoners in this Village!”
    “So you’re telling me you would have handled it very differently.”
    “Of course. You haven’t the brains you were born with!”
    “And you have I suppose?”
    “Well who do you think built the Lotus Seven?”
    “I know every nut, bolt, and cog of that car!”
    “Yeah, but I’m the mechanic!”
    “That would be right. Janet said you are good with your hands!”
    “Don’t you bring her into it!”
    “Look its no good us arguing amongst ourselves!”
    “You’re right. It’s Number Two who is the troublemaker!”
    “I could escape.”
    “Escape, how?”
    “I could pretend to be Curtis, then once I’m away from The Village, I can get help and come back for you.”
    “It’s a master plan. Do you think we can get away with it?”
    “Of course. But we’ll have to exchange blazers so that Number Two won’t think I’m you trying to put one over him by trying to escape by impersonating Curtis.!”
    “Okay, fine by me!”
    “So which one of us gets suffocated by Rover?”

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