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Monday 17 August 2015

The Sporting Life!

    “You can partake of the most hazardous sports, and you will” as Number 6 once told the electorate in ‘Free For All.’ On the day of his arrival in The Village, originally he was to encounter two gentlemen playing croquet on the lawn, hardly a hazardous sport I should have thought. The idea for the croquet match was adopted from the original script for ‘Arrival,’ but which was later cut. However the two men who would have been 1st croquet player and 2nd croquet player, are used in the finished episode, they are the two men, 1st Guardian and 2nd Guardian pursuing the Prisoner along the beach in the Mini-Moke.
    But which lawn was the crocket match supposed to have been played? The chess lawn has a slant to it. There is a smaller lawn nearby, but hardly large enough to play on which to play a decent game of croquet. Unless the game was intended to have been played on the small lawn a step or two from the Gloriette, that might be more like it. But I wonder where they put the golf course??

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  1. "But which lawn was the crocket match supposed to have been played?"

    Anyone for tenpins, Davy?