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Friday 28 August 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Sign your number here Number Six”
                           {The Postman - Dance of the Dead}

    Number 6 never signed for anything, well except that time when he signed that I.O.U for 964 Credit Units on the counter in the General Stores in the previous episode, but even then he questioned it! I wonder if the shopkeeper debited Number 6’s credit card for that amount? Ah but no, the shopkeeper couldn’t have done that, the Village credit card system isn’t an electronic system. The credit card has to be physically clipped, like they used to do when rationing was taking place in Great Britain during the war, and well into the 1950’s. People’s ration cards had to be physically clipped. And like my ticket recently while travelling on the Great Central Railway a week or so ago. 964 work Units, was Number 6’s credit card valid for that amount I wonder? It would depend on the amount of weekly allowance placed on the credit card in the first place. In ‘It’s Your Funeral’ Number 36 has been told by the man at the kiosk that all her weekly credit allowance had been used up, I wonder how much that was? And that was only Thursday, with two days left of the week!

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