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Friday 14 August 2015

Village Life!

    The Prisoner was told on the day of his arrival that he might meet people he knew. Well first there was Cobb in the hospital. According to him he was in Germany, he thinks he went back to his hotel……the next thing he knew he was in The Village! The jury has been out these past 48 years about whether Cobb was planted in the hospital so that the Prisoner would see him. Or whether their having been put on the same ward was a mistake, that the two men shouldn’t have met at all. If the latter is the case, then that would account for Cobb’s faked suicide and funeral. Because then to the Prisoner Cobb was dead, while in reality he was being released back into the outside World, now working for The Village. Or at least that would appear to be the case, although the jury could still be out on that as well!
    The second person Number 6 was to meet was a man Number 6 thought he once knew, Roland Walter Dutton. They meet on the beach by the mouth of a cave, just after Number 6 had committed the dead body of Number 34 to the sea, along with the amended wallet in the dead man’s trouser pocket. That being Number 6’s distress message to whoever may find it in the outside World. Dutton asked Number 6 how is
London, to which Number 6 replied about the same. Dutton didn’t know how long he’d been in The Village, it was difficult to say, a couple of months was Dutton’s guess. He asked Number 6 how long he’d been there, to which the reply came “Quite recently.” And yet this is the 8th episode in the series, so what does Number 6 mean by quite recently?  On the other hand, what Number 6 said would have been true enough had ‘Dance of the Dead’ been the second episode in the series according to the production/library order. As it is Number 6 wasn’t quite so recently arrived in The Village after all!

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