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Saturday 15 August 2015

The Tally Ho

Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?
                                      by our own reporter

   It is the opinion of not only myself, but of this newspaper, that there is a question over the health of No.2. “Is No.2 fit for further term?” It would appear that this No.2 is being considered for a further term, and yet there is a concern over his health. No.2 appears to be suffering from a duodenal ulcer, having been prescribed milk by his doctor No.14. It is thought that milk coats the stomach and neutralizes the effects of stomach acid.
   Certainly this No.2 has been put under a great deal of stress, having only been given three days in order to extract the reason behind No.’6 s resignation. However there is no evidence that stress would  aggravate his ulcer, and so he must have been suffering when he was appointed to his position.
    Of course ‘A B and C’ was a complete and utter disaster for No.2, although it’s fair to say that it wasn’t completely his fault, No.14 must bear some degree of responsibility. However the question “Is No.2 fit for further term?” cannot possibly concern itself with this man’s ability to administer, because the question was asked long before No.2 failed in this episode.  And writing of episodes, it may seem somewhat surprising that this No.2 was given a further term in office, when considering the result of ‘A B and C.’ But perhaps after consideration, that the failure of that particular episode was not considered to be all his fault. And that perhaps with No.2 while overseeing the education experiment of Speedlearn, and the General, No.2 would have no direct involvement with No.6. That in itself would secure the success of the experiment. Indeed Speedlearn was proving to be a great success, so much so that there was a one hundred percent co-operation throughout The Village, and a truly exciting result was anticipated by No.2. That was until No.6 learned of Speedlearn, the Professor, and the General. In fact it would appear that Speedlearn has been installed in The Village long before No.6 found out about it from a waiter at the café. Which begs the question, where has No.6 been all that time? Out of circulation obviously, seeing as he’s perhaps the only citizen in The Village not to be a student of the Professor!
   So having returned to his cottage, No.6 became an unwitting student of Speedlearn! And from that moment it was inevitable that he should involve himself. Especially having heard the Professor's lecture on the tape recorder. No.2 had warned No.6 not to underestimate him. The trouble was he was not only over confident but as in ‘A B and C’ he underestimated No.6! If the result of ‘A B and C’ wasn’t bad enough for No.2, then the result of Speedlearn was an unmitigated disaster! The destruction of the General, the death of the Professor, and the apparent suicide of No.12 of Administration was not the result anticipated by No.2.
  It may be argued that No.12’s action was one of bravery as he attempted to save the Professor’s life. However through the General No.2 was about to discover that No.12 was a traitor, a confederate of No.6. And that is what would have happened had No.6 not stepped in with his insoluble question!
   But think on this, two episodes ‘A B and C’ and ‘The General.’ As it happens the second was produced before the first, and if ‘The General’ had preceded ’A B and c’ in the series, then the question “Is No.2 fit for further term?” would suggest that this No.2 might have been up for a third term in office. However it is as it is, so never mind the question of which order the two episodes were produced, or the order they might have appeared. And even so, there is another question that must be asked. What failed No.2 is it that is retained for a second term? Especially one who failed so miserably!

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