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Tuesday 4 August 2015

Prismatic Reflection – Revisited!

   I was busy amending a chapter of my ‘Prisoner’ based manuscript this morning, when suddenly, I realised I had forgotten a couple of important details in my previous ‘Prismatic Reflection.’ Firstly the question of the substitute pilot. In having found that the dice was loaded heavily in Number 6’s favour, he would have taken off in the Gloster Meteor jet not late Saturday afternoon, but early the next day. So a couple of hours or so flight time to Gibraltar. Then after refuelling at RAF Gibraltar, during which time the pilot would have remained seated in the aircraft while refuelling was taking place thus maintain his anonymity. Once refuelling had taken place they would have taken off to commence the search. So then even if it took a number of hours for them to find The Village, it could have been found that day, during the hours of daylight, hence returning Number 6 to The Village on his birthday. It had to be that way, otherwise if there was a call for an overnight stay at RAF Gibraltar, the discovery of the substituted pilot would have been made the moment he removed his helmet! It would have been almost impossible for his identity to have remained a secret!     
   However before that, there is the question of the milkman {substitute pilot}. With the fresh thinking that Number 6 and the pilot took off in the Gloster Meteor jet early on the Sunday morning of March 19th, what was a milkman doing delivering milk to the ‘Kitting out Room?’ That should have aroused the suspicions of both the Colonel and Number 6. Because in the 1960’s there were no Sunday milk deliveries, Saturday was always a ‘double delivery’ day in order that Sunday was a day-off!

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