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Monday 3 August 2015

The Therapy Zone

    Why did the Administration behind The Village go to such lengths in order to disguise, or even hide its nationality, if indeed it has a nationality. Certainly The Village is International, cosmopolitan as the taxi driver described it, that’s why she thought the new arrival was either Polish or Czech. That’s why she spoke to him in French, and this from an Oriental woman! She said French is International, but in The Village the English language is International! Less than a handful of foreign languages are heard, and even then they are quite incomprehensible! Perhaps it’s to make the Prisoner feel disorientated on his first day so that he could be anywhere in the World. When it comes to being International, the Prisoner has travelled Internationally, from Singapore to Paris.
    The Village is a very nice place, the Prisoner himself finds it charming, to which Number 2 tells him that it will grow on him. It is said that the location of The Village is never revealed, yet Number 6 does eventually discover its location, when he navigates his way back to it in ‘Many Happy Returns.’
   The Village is said to be Italianate, yet even then there is a mixture of architecture. The population of The Village is made up by a variety of people of different ethnic groups, cultures and ages. As for the landscape it is unrecognisable, The Village is situated on an estuary which leads into the sea beyond, surrounded on three sides by woodland, and then the mountains beyond.
   It is understood The Village is a British installation, but not located on British soil. And yet on an International level, if The Village is cosmopolitan, then perhaps the governments of the World are behind The Village, using it as a place to put all their “rotten apples” in the one barrel!

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