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Sunday 23 August 2015

Atmospheric Change!

    When one evening Number 6 encountered two guardians who asked him “What’s the password?” he told them “The atmosphere is very different here from what it was elsewhere.” What might he have meant by that? It sounds like a coded recognition that requires a response, but it isn’t.  It might be an in-joke, but then Patrick McGoohan didn’t want “in-jokes” putting into ‘the Prisoner,’ not unless it was he who was putting them in. It might be that “The atmosphere is very different here from what it was elsewhere,” because the scene in question, when one evening in ‘The Schizoid Man’ Number 6 encounters two Guardians who ask him “What’s the password?” was filmed on a set at MGM film Studios contrary to the location of Portmeirion. In other words a mocked up Village against the real thing!

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  1. A thought... is it possible the "atmosphere" line was some sort of reference to NASA's GEMINI program? After all, the (incorrect) password was "GEMINI", and the atmosphere in space was different than "elsewhere"!

    1. Hello Nells,
      Anything is possible, as well as the NASA's Gemini space programme there is also the Gemini space constellation. And Gemini denotes twins, and there are a number of twins in the village. But yes, as I say anything is possible.

      Best regards