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Thursday 20 August 2015

More Village

      I was sitting here at my desk thinking how THE PRIS6NER episode ‘Anvil’ looks at the morality of surveillance. Surveillance is a strange thing, powerful, yet its said that if you've nothing to hide then you've got nothing to worry about. Yet the trouble is no-one is without guilt. The trick for "Undercovers" is having to work out what it is people are guilty of. The problem is that the most innocent of actions or inactions, a deviation away from the daily norm like not keeping a Yoga class for example possibly through not feeling well, can result in citizens in The Village becoming suspect!
   In The Village I would have thought that with such modern day technology it would be possible for observers to watch the citizens from a Control Room. However that would seem not to be the case, hence the need for "Undercovers." There are different "Undercover" cells operating in The Village, and no-one knows who is in each of the cells, so that everyone in The Village is watching everyone else. Well almost everyone else, because when Two tells his son 11-12 that someone is watching him, 11-12 is surprised about this, because who would deem to be watching him, or so that is 11-12's reaction.
    It also occurs to me that 11-12 is very selfish, as he doesn't want his father, Two, to find out about his relationship with 909. So 909 or 11-12 must die, and seeing as it's not going to be 11-12 then it's got to be 909! But the trouble is Two does already know of the relationship between his son and 909.But why did 11-12 turn to 909? Perhaps to gain the love and affection he wasn't getting from his father. Sometimes all 11-12 needs is a cuddle! The relationship between 11-12 and 909 is very heavy, dark even. Seeing the way 909 accepts his death.
   It must be that everyone in The Village lives in fear. Everyone watching everyone else, or are they? After all the rumour itself, that everyone is under surveillance, could be enough to keep everyone on their guard.
    Basically everyone is nosey, we want to know each others business, we want to know what people are doing in their lives. The difference in The Village is, if someone reports you for doing something out of character, or from the daily norm, you get sent for treatment!

Breathe in….breathe out….More Village!
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