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Thursday 6 August 2015

The Prisoner Mini-Moke HLT 709C

   In 2011 Olivier and Christiaan Bos made the remarkable discovery of ‘the Prisoner’ Mini-Moke registration number HLT 709C {seen in ‘Living In Harmony’} in a barn on a farm in the Netherlands. The idea being the eventual full restoration of the vehicle to its former glory in Village livery. 

    However the Vehicle, having been in possession of Olivier and Christiaan Bos since then, have now up for auction at the end of August 2015 at ‘Classic Car Auctions.’

   It is hoped that the Mini-Moke will be purchased by an enthusiast of ‘the Prisoner,’ and so eventually restore the vehicle to her former glory.

Be seeing you


  1. Hi David

    Are you planning to bid for this? Should be a nice little project to work on if you're mechanical like No.6. You could get to know every single nut and bolt!


    1. Hello Nadia,

      No, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not planning to put a bid in. Firstly I'm not that mechanically minded, and secondly it will take a good deal of time, work and effort, as well as a great deal of money to fully restore the Mini-Moke.
      I hope that there is an enthusiast of 'the Prisoner,' someone with plenty of the above to fully restore the Mini-Moke because she does deserve that. The Mini Moke was a truly remarkable find back in 2011, and and it made me wonder what else there could be out there from the series, lying lost and forgotten in a dark corner somewhere.

      Very best regards

  2. Hi David....I now own the rear panel of
    the famous moke. It was too poor condition to be saved.

  3. Hi David....the panel is now in Rochester Kent cheers Dave K

    1. Hello Dave,
      That's quite a chunk of original canopy to own, the back panel, good for you. The canopy as a whole was certainly in a poor state of repair. I trust you are able to preserve the panel so that it does not deteriorate further. As that's quite a large piece of Prisoner history you have.