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Thursday 13 August 2015

Thought For The Day

    What do people talk about in The Village? They probably discuss the weather, the news in The Tally Ho. About life, what each person is going to produce for the Exhibition of Arts and Crafts. How the folk concert they attended went in the Recreation Hall. They probably talk of escape, or causing mischief if they’re jammers. Otherwise they would talk about everyday things, trivial matters. Or they would discuss how the lectures are going, being students of the Professor. What do people generally talk about? In a village, isolated from the outside world, two people meet, two people who know each other, as with Number 6 and Cobb. In their case Germany was discussed if ever so briefly. Later Number 6 met with Roland Walter Dutton. Dutton asked Number 6 how is London, to which came the reply “About the same.” and The Rook, who described a new electronic defence system which he had invented. So the outside world does impinge of The Village from time to time. Not that not much I grant you, but if two people who knew each other well, one being a new arrival say, might not the other want to know what’s going on is the outside world? After all they might be prisoners in an isolated detention centre, but surely that doesn’t stop them thinking of the outside world. But perhaps to do so would lead to madness. It might be that once in The Village its best to adjust to one’s new surroundings and situation, rather than dream of the World outside, a World which Number 6 likes to dream of. 

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