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Sunday 30 August 2015

The Chimes of Big Ben!

   We know that as the chimes of Big Ben struck eight that Number 6’s wristwatch said eight. The only trouble is that wristwatch had been given to Number 6 by a man in Poland. Number 6 wanted it  particularly to check the time, to make sure the trip tallied with the journey to London. Strange then how a man in Poland came to have a watch showing English time when there’s one hours difference! The Colonel suggested that perhaps he was slow, well someone certainly was! But it was rather clever, the way they made the eight o’clock chimes of Big Ben coincide exactly with the time of Number 6’s wristwatch! Mind you the result may well have been exactly the same had Number 6 been wearing his own wristwatch. After all that would have been set at the same time as Karel’s seeing as they both came from The Village. And one final observation, seeing as the wristwatch given to him showed English time, that should have given Number 6 a small clue as to the location of The Village. That it’s in the same time-zone as Great Britain!

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