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Thursday 13 August 2015

Bureau Of Visual Records

    What’s this the Shepherd looking over his flock? I thought that was Number 240’s job, as an Observer. Well she can’t be expected to watch over everyone all the time. After all she had been watching Number 34, her being his Observer. Yet Number 34 went and died while 240 was off duty!
   So what’s going on in the Piazza? People promenading around. That’s rather strange, the Brass Band playing while being driven around in two or is it three Mini-Mokes! There’s a couple of frogmen down there, a chap riding a tricycle, and a chap pushing the Penny Farthing instead of riding it! Oh yes And The Village crier standing in a small trailer while being towed by a guy driving a garden tractor. All together with a number of citizens parading around with their colourful striped umbrellas open, being used as parasols against the sun, rather than umbrellas against the rain.  It’s all normal Village fare, nothing really unusual. Oh and Number 6 standing on the balcony of the Gloriette stroking a black cat. I wonder if he’ll be so forgiving when he thinks the cat has betrayed him as he’s about to set sail aboard his sea-going raft?! Well that’s how it would have been according to the library/Production order, ‘Dance of the Dead’ being the second episode. Because the cat belongs to Number 2, it could place this particular Number 2 in The Village in ‘Many Happy Returns.’ Except for the possibility of one small anomaly in that regard. In ‘Dance of the Dead’ when Number 6 returns to his cottage, he encounters the same black cat on the wall outside. Number 6 says to the cat “So you’ve turned up again have you?” That could imply Number 6 first encountered the cat in the previous episode ’Many Happy Returns.’ Or it could simply refer to Number 6’s earlier encounter with the cat on the balcony of the Gloriette! 

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