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Friday 21 August 2015

Quote for The Day

    “Why did you resign?”
    “What’s that sir?”
    “Oh come along boy, why did you resign?”
    “From what sir?”
    “Now my boy you know perfectly well what I’m talking about, why did you resign?”
    “I can’t tell you that sir.”
                         {The Headmaster and the pupil - Once Upon A time}

    Yes, from what did the pupil resign, the geography lesson? Certainly not from a maths lesson, Number 6 was too good at figures for that. That’s what got him recruited into the banking service of British Intelligence. British agents, working in East Germany, Russia even, the favourite would be Czechoslovakia, anywhere behind the Iron Curtain. Those British agents would need money in order to pay the members of the spy ring they had organised, and for bribing officials. Someone had to act as currier in order to take the money to wherever agents were working. That’s what Aleck Leamas started out doing in the novel ‘The Spy Who Came In From The Cold.’
    But of course Number 2 must have been in a hurry to get the ordeal over, because he certainly jumped the gun when he asked Number 6 why he resigned. Because as a pupil who had just graduated from school he hadn’t done anything with his life. But just to ask the question wasn’t good enough for Number 2, he had to try and physically drive the question from Number 6. That was quite a tussle between them on the floor. For Patrick McGoohan it was real, he had completely lost it! As for Leo McKern, it was really a struggle for his life! Just as well the Butler came along with that truncheon when he did, otherwise…….well who knows what may have happened.
   And yet even as a boy the Prisoner still refuses to give the reason why he resigned, because he told the Headmaster he couldn’t tell him that. But apparently it wasn’t secret and confidential, nor was it top secret. However that’s the way it remained, because Number 6 took the secret of his resignation to the grave with him!

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