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Thursday 27 August 2015

Village Life!

   Having won the election, you would expect Number Six to be revelling in his landslide victory, but not one bit of it! Number Six was caught on camera trying to hitch a ride out of The Village by helicopter. But much to Number Six's disappointment, the former Number Two not only had to obtain air clearance for take off, but had to report that he's being hassled by the new Number Two2!
    Number 6 “Go on, no-one will know."
    Departing Number Two "He won't take no for an answer....……...yes I realise that........."
    “You don't have to take me far, just drop me off along the way, somewhere over the mountains.”
    “..........Yes that was Number Six.........Yes I know, you had better send security."
    Number 6 “There's a word for people like you, you know!"

    Number Six didn't give himself up to security quietly, there was a struggle, and as the helicopter lifted off the ground Number Six made a grab for one of the floats and hung on for grim death as the helicopter flew out across he estuary gaining height all the time. Then suddenly Number Six's hold on the float slipped, and he fell into the water below. An Orange alert was issued by Number 2 in the Green Dome, who had been watching developments on the wall screen. A few moments later three Guardians of varying sizes broke through the surface of the sea, and headed straight towards a floundering figure in the sea. Together they ushered the swimming Number Six to the shore where security stood waiting.
   As for the out-going Number 2, he hovered the helicopter above the water just long enough to see Number 6 brought securely to the shore. Then turning the helicopter towards the hills on the far side of the estuary, piloted the helicopter to the landing stage where a boat was waiting for him to take him to the homeland.

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