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Friday 28 August 2015

More Village!

    Why the ships drift anchor as a folly in the middle of the desert? Follies are rarely explained, if it were otherwise they would cease to be follies. Personally I think it would have been a nice tribute to the original series to have had a canopied penny farthing bicycle discovered by Six, half buried in the sand. But as it is the ships anchor for Six represents escape!
   So when Michael took over as the boss of Summakor in ‘Checkmate,’ he went up to the Purpose floor, and went and sat in the chair in the Control Room like a Supervisor amongst so many observers sat at their monitors. But the Control Room is not in The Village, but in the Summakor building in
New York. So the Control Room has no power in The Village, but is used to select people to be sent to The Village, and then those people are monitored by Observers in the Control Room. But not those sent to The Village in their subconscious, but who still live their day to day lives in New York!
   As for The Village, it does appear to resemble Portmeirion by the decoration of some of some of the buildings.
NER is set in modern times, yet Helen has given The Village a fifties/sixties atmosphere, the vehicles, the interior of the Solar Café resembles an American 1950’s Diner. Even 313 rides a sixties style bicycle!
    Despite what fans of the original series might think, basically the two series are not that dissimilar, THEPRIS6
NER being reinterpreted and is a revisualisation. Okay you haven't got the quirkiness of the original, there are no huge painted backdrops as used in the original, no studio sets purposely built, and in it's way there is less style of the original series in the reinterpretation, with Two the stronger of the characters, Six being the weaker. If you take away the "filler" episodes of the original series, episodes like ‘Living In Harmony,’ ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ ‘It's Your Funeral,’ ‘A Change of Mind,’ ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ ‘A B & C,’ you end up with what originally McGoohan envisaged, for ‘the Prisoner,’ a 7 episode mini-series. Which is only one episode longer than that of THEPRIS6NER, which I think would not have weakened the original series, but in fact would have made it stronger. And moreover, making it no less forgettable for that.
   The Village has a postman, he delivers Six's Clinic appointment card. But there is no sign of a newspaper, although it must have one, because in ‘Checkmate’ Two is photographed and interviewed by two people who look like newspaper men.
   And to get on the bus in The Village, and to get off the bus to arrive in the Village is just the “wildest thing!”
    If a Village death isn't an actual death, in the way Two died having blown himself up with a hand grenade, and by which he returns to that "other place," as others have who have died in The Village, then that means that no-one is actually buried in The Village cemetery, not even anyone who was born in The Village. However the cemeteries seen in ‘Arrival’ in both series do have something physical in common…………..sand!

Village is best for us!
Be seeing you

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