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Friday 14 August 2015

No.2 is Unmutual!

    Social conversion for Number 2 the Unmutual! Number 86 isn’t like the other doctors in The Village, she’s soft centred. She allowed Number 6 to turn the tables on her, and in her drugged state that allowed Number 6 to hypnotise her. She reported to Number 6 what had taken place, that the operation known as Instant Social Conversion had not actually taken place. That the patient, Number 6, was merely being kept sedated with doses of Mytol. Then Number 6 primed Number 86 with a plan of his own, when the Village clock strikes four………………… Number 86 denounced Number 2 as being Unmutual. And with the aid of Number 6, the citizens of The Village turned on Number 2. He was frog marched through The Village to the chant of unmutual, unmutual, unmutual….then he made a run for it pursued by a number of citizens. Unusually athletic for such a large man. One can only hope that Number 2 made it to the safe sanctum of his office, that the steel blast proof doors could be electronically locked. Otherwise if the angry mob laid hands on Number 2, well it wouldn’t have been at all pleasant! But even if the citizens had  manhandled Number 2 to the hospital to undergo Instant Social Conversion, its far from certain that the doctors would have carried out such an operation on Number 2. But then again, he had failed to extract the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation……………………..

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