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Sunday 2 August 2015

The Prisoner

   ‘The Prisoner’ is made up of a number of different writing genres. ‘Science fiction’ for example is represented by The Village Guardian, which could be a genetically engineered membrane, either that or a life form from an alien world. And of course there is the red 1 rocket, the destination of which is unknown, and yet a journey into the unknown is suggested! The development of a defence weapon ‘The Beam,’ and the physical changing of minds in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’
    There’s ‘romance’ between the engaged couple ZM73 and Janet Portland, and there is the suggestion of the “language of love” as Number 2 puts it, as Number 6 cosy’s up to Nadia in a romantic scene. And in the crate, there is the hint of a suggestion, on the part of Nadia, that there could be romance between her and Number 6, if he isn’t married or engaged.
    ‘Adventure,’ as Number 6 fells trees, empties oil drums, constructing, and finally setting sail, aboard his sea-going raft. He navigates his way across the sea, battles against the elements, sleep, and gunrunners alike, eventually surviving against all the odds.
   ‘Spy and espionage,’ is represented by an agent employed by British Intelligence who resigns his job. We meet former colleagues from British Intelligence, The Colonels, Fotheringay, Roland Walter Dutton, Thorpe, Potter, Sir Charles Portland. At one point a security leak is suggested, and Number 6 is asked for the files he’s seen, the projects he knows about, but headings only, not details.
    ‘Mystery and Suspense.’ Mystery is represented by The Village, its location, and of those who are behind it. What lies behind the Prisoner’s resignation? Who is Number 2? The question of who is Number 1 {finally revealed in ‘Fall Out}. Why the red 1 rocket? How does Number 2 get to the door of Number 6’s cottage so quickly {Free for All} when he’s seen on the television in the Control Room? How did Number 6 know it wasn’t the Professor lying in the bed? And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Certainly there is no lack of mystery in ‘the Prisoner!’ ‘Suspense,’ during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ when you think Number 6 has finally managed to escape The Village, and again in ‘Many Happy Returns.’ And again during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ when Nadia makes a dash across an electrified floor. Will she make it out of the door, will the electric current be switched off in time?
    ‘Drama,’ when aspects of the Prisoner’s life are played out in the Embryo Room of ‘Once Upon A Time.’
    ‘American Westerns’ represented by ‘Living In Harmony.’
    A ‘Fairytale’ is told in ‘The Girl who Was Death,’ which also contains ‘comedy,’ and is also a ‘fantasy.’
    ‘Horror,’ when the membranic guardian attacks and suffocates its victims into unconsciousness or to death!
    ‘Crime,’ takes place in ‘Checkmate’ when the Rook steals a surveillance camera, a telephone from a kiosk, and a screwdriver along with electrical equipment from the electric’s truck. Also when Number 6 and Number 8 steal a pair of taxis!
    The ‘Thriller’ would describe ‘Arrival,’ and perhaps ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ and ‘A Change of Mind.’
   Yet one writer’s genre is not represented in ‘the Prisoner,’ there is no ‘whodunnit!’ Unless of course it’s the death of Number 2 in the Embryo Room with a bottle of drink! Whodunit, and how was it done? These have been a couple of questions asked, discussed, and debated over the years and decades since. It is thought that in most whodunits it’s the Butler who done it. Could that be the case here? If so that’s a ‘Murder Mystery!’ And then of course there was the dead body Number 6 found washed up on the shore in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ Who was he? Did he live in The Village, and if so, how did he die?
    Whatever your favourite genre, from adventure to fantasy, from crime to mystery and suspense, comedy, thrillers, fairytales, science fiction, American Westerns, and more, they are all there to be enjoyed in ‘the Prisoner.’

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  1. "‘The Prisoner’ is made up of a number of different writing genres".

    I think you'll find on closer study that it's made up of a number of different film/television genres.