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Friday 21 August 2015

Catch That Pigeon!

   I always like the way Number 6 sets his trap to catch himself a pigeon, which he baits with the remnant of a ham sandwich. I’m not sure if pigeons are partial to ham sandwiches, but no doubt it was drawn in by the bread crumbs. But never the less the trap does work. The pigeon enters the box, the pencil is knocked away, and the door of the wooden box falls shut. Then it’s not so much the remnant of the ham sandwich, but the better part of a whole sandwich, as it’s larger in the picture than the scrap of sandwich Number 6 threw into the wooden box! And even then there wasn’t that much ham in the sandwich!
   The setting of the trap by Number 6, could also be seen as a metaphor, as it’s not only the pigeon that falls into it!
   Also there must be pigeon fanciers in The Village! The pigeon in the picture has a ring about its right leg, and that ring carries an identification number, making the bird the property of a pigeon fancier, either living in The Village, or somewhere else close by. Pigeon fanciers take, or have sent, their birds to a location, any distance from home, and have them released. It’s a race you see, to see which bird arrives back home first. The time any particular bird arrives home is recorded on a clock, so that there can be no cheating. Perhaps there was a pigeon fanciers club in The Village. Either that or the pigeon stopped off for a rest from its journey!

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