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Saturday 29 August 2015

Second Only To 2!

    How effective is any assistant to Number 2? If the maid Number 66 is anything to go by {for it maybe supposed that the maid-Number 66 might be classified as such} seeing as she attempted to gain information from the Prisoner failed, not effective at all! It’s unknown whether or not Number 9 is a direct assistant to Number 2, however it is he who assigns her to Number 6. And she did carry out her assignment, although it was hardly surprising really when all she had to do was spin him a tale, then hand him the Electro Pass.
    During ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ Number 2 started out with an assistant, whose only contribution was to suggest that there are methods they haven’t used yet. After that Number 11 is reduced to carrying out duties in the Control Room, perhaps as assistant to the Supervisor-Number 26. However there is little enough for this more than capable Number 2 to warrant any kind of assistant. Although it could be argued that Number 8 comes within the realm of such a classification.

   The doctor-Number 14 assists Number 2 in an experiment to not only get into Number 6’s dreams, but to manipulate them, in an attempt to extract the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation. Although describing Number 14 as an assistant to Number 2, if it were not for her having developed a new drug, there would not be the means of such an opportunity as in ‘A B and C.’ However the doctor and her drug are only effective up to a point, up to the moment Number 6 opens his eyes and sees her in fact. This combined with her having not informed Number 2 of what had happened, sows the seeds of his eventual downfall, and perhaps her own. Because Number 14 seemed pleased by Number 6’s success against Number 2!
   It is unknown whether or not every Number 2 has an assistant assigned to him or her, but during the election if Number 2 has any such assistant it surely has to be Number 58, assigned to Number 6 as his personal driver, she is perfectly placed to keep close tabs on Number 6. After all it is 58 who drives Number 6 to the cave known as the Therapy Zone. Where Number 6 is given a dose of a drug to carry him right through the election.
    It can be argued that The Schizoid Man is an assistant to Number 2, as Number 6 is assigned to impersonate himself! Although it’s clearly Curtis who has been seconded to The Village, in order to assist Number 2 with the problem of Number 6.
    Certainly it is clear that Number 2 has been helped by a number of people who have assisted him in his machinations against Number 6. However in ‘The General’ there is Number 12 of administration who as an assistant to Number 2, aids him during the educational experiment of Speedlearn. And for the first time there is no direct involvement with Number 6, at least not until Number 6 involves himself having heard the Professor’s message on the tape recorder. Number 12 was an activist in The Village, who died a terrible death in either attempting to save the Professor’s life, or in an act of suicide, having become suspect of being a traitor. Depending on how you look at it.
    ‘Dance of the Dead,’ and Number 2 appears to have two assistants. One being an over enthusiastic doctor who thoroughly enjoys his work, carry out experiments on certain citizens. Then there’s Number 240, who although she is nothing more than an Observer who works in the Control Room appears to be very close to Number 2. At one point instead of reporting the fact that she cannot find Number 6 to her supervisor, she reports directly to Number 2. And for that receives a reprimand from her Supervisor for having cut her out of the loop! And because Number 240 protested at the sentence passed over the Prisoner, she was no longer his Observer.
    Number 2 of ‘Checkmate’ appears to be a much able and competent administrator who doesn’t appear to require an assistant. Although like Number 2 during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ may well have had an assistant, but who reduced him to working in the Control Room as assistant to the Supervisor-Number 28. Who in the next episode of ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ appears to have the assistance of Number 60, who after the removal of Number 26 is duly promoted to Supervisor by Number 2.
    Although it can be argued that the majority of Number 2’s have enjoyed the help of indirect assistants, Number 2 of ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ is only the second direct assistant. Number 14, whose only desire is to help Number 2 in any way he can. However Number 2 doesn’t trust Number 14, and in important matters manages to keep his assistant at arms length. However despite this, when it comes to Number 6, 14 is willing to go that extra mile when it comes to Number 6 undermining  Number 2’ authority. All he wants is for Number 2 to give him the word. Then he would organise a fatal accident for Number 6, and make sure Number 2 cannot be connected with it. But 14 came to a bad end having been ejected from Number 6’s cottage through the French window!
    ‘It’s Your Funeral’ and Number 2 has arrived back at The Village after having been away on leave, just in time for his retirement. He probably has the most ineffective assistant in Number 22 it is possible to have. 22 might not like the fact that the assassination/execution of Number 2 has been organised through ‘Plan Division Q,’ but he appears unable, or unwilling to even try and help Number 2. Even when asked by Number 2 to go to the Department of Visual records, there being a tape he wants to review. However as soon as Number 22 realises the subject of the tape, warning of an assassination plot he tells Number 2 that such a tape doesn’t exists, despite having no duties within the Department of Visual Records. Persons Number 6 and 2’s successor, he is either unable or unwilling to assist Number 2! However the “interim” Number 2 has better help from his assistant Number 100, who is helping to overseeing ‘Plan Division Q.’ He has been responsible in Number 51’s indoctrination, in his belief that he has met no-one in The Village who has committed a crime. That he will protest in a manner they cannot ignore, that of assassination! And yet this “interim” Number 2 also has to call on the unwitting help of not only Number 51-Monique, but also that of Number 6. Without whom the plan would lack credibility! But Number 100 came to a bad end, which might have been worse had the Village Guardian become involved as originally intended!
    “A Change of Mind,’ and yet another doctor, Number 86, is enrolled to assist Number 2. It is her job to fool Number 6 into thinking he has undergone the operation known as Instant Social Conversion, a leucotomy, to isolate the aggressive frontal lobes of the brain. And after that to keep close to Number 6 in order to keep him heavily sedated. But the stupid woman allows Number 6 to turn the tables on her, and subsequently on Number 2!
    If Nadia Rakovsky was the first agent seconded to The Village in order to assist Number 2, then Curtis was the second, the third being the Colonel in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ But sadly only Nadia survived the experience. Curtis in having been suffocated to death, and the Colonel in having undergone a change of mind!
    ‘Living In Harmony’ saw Number 2 with two assistants. Number 8 who had developed a process of getting into a subject’s subconscious by the use of hallucinatory drugs. While Number 22 is there simply to provide the romantic element to the plan. She is to get close to The Man With No Name, and introduce love into his life. Love! But it all went wrong because they themselves had become too involved. Number 8 because of the Judge’s treatment of him as the Kid, and Number 10 was strangled to death through jealousy, whilst Number 8 commits suicide! The next of Number 2’s assistants, Number 10, plays a deadly game with Number 6, who as The Girl could easily love Number 6 to death! But as assistant to Number 2 all Number 10 could offer was that it was worth a try!
   And finally there is the Butler, who assisted Number 2 in all ways during his deliberations with Number 6 during that week long period locked in the Embryo Room. He acted as cook and bottle washer. While providing special effects, and changes in wardrobe when called upon, as well as dealing in crime and punishment!
   Number 2’s assistants have been many and varied. Some have been effective, others less so. In one case had Number 2 placed his trust in Number 14, then perhaps the outcome of ‘Hammer Into anvil’ might have been different. While 14’s look-a-like Number 22, was impotent and seemingly powerless to help Number 2 defy Plan Division Q. If 2 can be described as being second only to 1, then anyone found to be in the position of being second only to 2 must be up to the mark, or fall by the wayside, which incidentally is an apt description of Number 2!

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