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Thursday 13 August 2015

Quote For The Day

     “You are a member of The Village. You are a unit of society.”
                                       {Number 2 - Once Upon A Time}

   The Village is a complete unit of our own society, although there is no democracy, no freedom, no room for the individual. Free thought is frowned upon, as are individualistic tendencies. Brainwashing and human experimentation are an everyday occurrence. Surveillance was everywhere, inmates watched all the time. Its no wonder Number 6 rejected The Village, denied being a unit of its society!
    At the time The Village did reflect society, society of the oppressed. Societies of Eastern European countries behind the Iron Curtain, and other states in the World. But not of
Britain at that time, with its imperfect democracy. Yes there was experimentation, at Porton Down, but no surveillance cameras and no suppression. Not unless you broke the law. Perhaps at that time Britain didn’t have the perfect society, but it was far removed from The Village, and ZM73, for want of a better name, was part of society in Britain, and he accepted that society. And even when he went and resigned his job he was part of that society, he had not “dropped out“ which some cared to do back in the 1960‘s. It was a society which was only taken away from him when he was abducted to The Village. Then, and only then did ZM73 rebel against his enforced incarceration in The Village, which is only natural. Number 6 would denounce The Village and its society with his last dying breath, even though he did turn out to be responsible for it in the end!

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