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Friday 7 August 2015

Quote For The Day

    “We’ll be open in a minute. Do you want breakfast?”
                                            {The waitress at the café - Arrival}

    I always find myself mentally replying “Yes, full English, toast, marmalade, and a pot of tea for one.” But the Prisoner isn’t interested in food, only finding out the name of the village, which is The Village. There’s no Police Station, and no telephone, save for the one in the phone box around the corner.
   When the Prisoner arrives on the scene, having seen the café being opened up from up in the Bell Tower, the waitress is busy setting up the tables, and a man in overalls, presumably a gardener is hosing down the patio with a hosepipe. It can be imagined that this is actually what a waitress and gardener working in Portmeiron would do every morning. Opening up the café and hosing down the patio with a hosepipe.

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